Saturday 23 April 2016

Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon: Hours 5-8

Welcome to the second post of the April Dewey readathon!  This one will take me through until 9pm here in England; if you want to catch up on all my challenges, updates and photos so far, you can check out my post for Hours 0-4 by clicking HERE.  Onwards!

~ Hour 5 (6pm) ~
I've been reading:  The Suicide Shop by Jean Teulé

Pages read since my last update:  33

Pages read altogether:  158
Mini challenges completed:  3
The menu:  The pizza's a-cookin'!
In six words:  I've finished my first book already!

Thoughts:  Man, I feel so tired already!  It's not even frickin' bedtime yet, but my eyes are so sleepy, I could drop off right now...  On the plus side, I kept reading for a few extra minutes past the hour before I stopped to do this update, and managed to finish my first book!  The Suicide Shop was weird and charming and intriguing, a little detached and offbeat at times, and it ended on a note so unexpected that it'd have floored me if I hadn't accidentally caught a glimpse of the last line as soon as I turned the page (don't you hate it when that happens?).  Glad I finally picked it up - and it was the PERFECT way to feel like I'd had a productive start to the readathon, especially as it looks like I might not be awake for quite as much of it as I'd originally anticipated!  ;)

MINI CHALLENGE: Operation: Quotation!
Hosted by Geeky Library

"Life is the way it is.  It's worth what it's worth!  It does its best, within its limitations.  We mustn't ask too much of life, either.  Nor should we want to suppress it!" 
- The Suicide Shop by Jean Teulé

~ Hour 6 (7pm) ~
I've been reading:  Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell
Pages read since my last update:  8

Pages read altogether:  166
Mini challenges completed:  3
The menu:  A couple of slices of Goodfellas pepperoni pizza; coffee
In six words:  An hour for doing other things.

Thoughts: This hour's mostly been about finishing cooking the pizza, EATING some of the pizza, and catching up on Instagram, to be honest.  Plus I'd already spilled over into this hour to finish my book from the LAST hour.  Aaaaanyway, a couple of pieces of pizza have been consumed, my mum had a nibble as well because "it smells so gooooood", then Domino (feline readathon buddy) decided SHE needed to investigate, and THEN I managed to get them all to sod off and picked up my next book - Kindred Spirits, the World Book Day mini novella quick read thingy by Rainbow Rowell, about a girl waiting in line for the new Star Wars movie.  It's another of my shortest book choices (oops) but I'm feeling lazy and also like I want something nice to read post-Suicide Shop!

~ Hour 7 (8pm) ~
I've been reading:  Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell

Pages read since my last update:  25

Pages read altogether:  191
Mini challenges completed:  3
The menu:  The last dregs of my coffee from before
In six words:  Ugh, is it bedtime yet?  #FAIL

Thoughts:  I'm really, genuinely knackered, ugh.  I don't know if it's my new medication, hormonal shittiness (ah, the joys of womanhood), the fact that I've been staring at my books and/or laptop for seven hours solid... WHO KNOWS?  I've read a bit more of Kindred Spirits anyway - very fun, very easy to read, very Rainbow-y - so I'll carry on with that for a bit now and see what happens.  Most of the challenges so far either aren't appealing or aren't actually available for me full stop (like this hour's Facebook one) which is at least freeing up a few extra minutes each hour for other things!  ONWARDS!

Accurate representation of my reading speed.
~ Hour 8 (9pm) ~
I've been reading:  Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell
Pages read since my last update:  41

Pages read altogether:  232
Mini challenges completed:  4
The menu:  Nothing this hour, that pizza was quite enough!
In six words:  Another book done!  I'M ON FIIIIIRE!

Thoughts:  I finished Kindred Spirits!  And the little teaser extract of a different book in the back, which only served to highlight how good Rainbow Rowell is compared to other YA novelists, haha.  It was really cute anyway, all about Star Wars and fandom and these three people sitting in a non-existent line for the new movie for several days, just for the experience and thrill (or not) of being there.  I loved it, and it's so tiny and quick to read that I'll definitely be keeping hold of it to reread next time I need a little pick-me-up!  Now, I'm off to do a few chores and generally surface for air, so I'll leave you with Victoria Wood, who sadly died this week, and her wonderful Ballad of Barry and Freda (Let's Do It), possibly the most hilarious musical skit of all time ever.  Sometimes mid-readathon you just need a good giggle...

Hosted by My Life is a Fairytale That Will Never End

"I have never been able to understand why people who come over as all weak and watery are said to be weeds.  Those posh plants with their double-barrelled names and a family tree as long as your arm, with roots that go way back, they don't know they're born.
'My dear, I simply can't cope with this soil - far too acid for my liking.  And look, there's a horrid little stone in the way.  It's just too much.'"

- From A Play on Words by Deric Longden
And so we come to the end of Hour 8, and this post.  There'll be a new post up for Hours 9-12; by the end of that one it'll be 1am here, when things start getting trippy...