Thursday 7 January 2016

Bout of Books 15: Thursday

Bout of Books

The last couple of days have had their fair share of distractions and I haven't read THAT much - though still way better than recent weeks, obviously - so today I'm going to make a concerted effort to really read.  Laptop off, book open, the way I like it.  :)


Books I've read from:  Knots and Crosses (Rebus 1) by Ian Rankin; 21st Century Dodos: A Collection of Endangered Objects (and Other Stuff) by Steve Stack; Zoo by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
Pages read today:  180
Books finished today:  Knots and Crosses (Rebus 1) by Ian Rankin
Running total:  2 books; 439 pages 
The menu: Blueberry muffin, mixed tinned fruit and coffee; sweet tea; cheese and bacon quiche, peas and sweetcorn; apple; buttered toasted teacakes; cocoa puffs with sultanas; vanilla rooibos tea
Today #insixwords:  Reading thrillers is a GREAT strategy!

12 noon:  I've had another great start to the day, reading over breakfast, ploughing on through the morning, alternating between Knots and Crosses and 21st Century Dodos every time I needed a change of style.  Things are all kicking off in Knots and Crosses - there's been a sudden colossal break in the murder case which has sent the pace rocketing - and I'm on the 'newsagent' section of 21st Century Dodos, which is bringing back lots of memories of old sweets and magazines that I used to get as a kid.  And NOW I'm going to carry on reading with half a cheese and bacon quiche and a heap of peas and sweetcorn, and see if I can finish this book today!


5pm: YEEEES, I FINISHED IT!  It certainly kept me turning the pages towards the end, even though it wasn't the most gripping or earth-shattering finale I've ever read.  One more review to write when this week's over, hooray!  So.... what next?  I was contemplating starting We Were Liars, but I was flicking through the pages and not feeling it so instead I've moved onto Zoo by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge.  It's about a global animal uprising against humanity, it's already been made into a TV series, it's got big font, it's super-easy reading... it screams 'readathon', in other words.  If I can sail through it by the end of tomorrow there'll still be two days left to cram in another book!  I'm going to make some hot buttered toasted teacakes and get stuck in.


9:30pm:  Blech.  The lingering headachy feeling I had this morning has grown and to be honest I'm not feeling amazing - hopefully I'm not succumbing to whatever my family's had, which we've established is probably a bug but mercifully sans vomiting, to my overwhelming relief.  Anyway, I'm still weirdly hungry despite feeling icky, so I'm going to fetch some cereals and tea and watch an episode of Being Human for a bit.  Each one's only an hour long, so I might still have time to read before bed, and hopefully the distraction and something in my stomach will leave me feeling better by the time it ends.  Also, Aidan Turner ALWAYS helps.  Obviously.  :P


Quote of the day:  "Sometimes it was hard to hold onto reality when that reality was overpowering.  The shield came to protect you.  The shield of the breakdown, of forgetting.  Laughter and forgetting." -
from Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin