Wednesday 30 October 2013

I am Bookshop Girl no more!

Okay, so we haven't ACTUALLY sold the shop yet - we've got a second viewing this week though, and quite a bit of interest apparently - but I already knew that when we did I wanted to change my blog name to mark the new phase of my life...  Technically, I suppose, I could have remained Bookshop Girl (let's face it, I'm in them often enough even outside work!) but it didn't really feel right any more.

Sooooo, as you've probably noticed by now, the blog has been revamped!  I saw Library Mosaic's beautiful new look on Monday, hopped over to look at Avery's Designs for myself, and immediately fell in love with one of her newest designs.  I contacted her and chose her $35 package - a premade design, with an avatar and button (plus she made a favicon and custom backgrounds for me), plus installation and general tweaking.  She got back to me almost immediately and started work that very same night!  (Which, if you've looked around at new designs before, you'll know is practically unheard of!)  Over the last 48 hours she's installed everything for me, we've both tweaked things a bit, then last night she sent me everything she'd created and installed for me... and that was that! 

One of the most important changes has been my name; as of yesterday morning, I am now Book Addicted Blonde.  I felt a little sad to be leaving Musings of a Bookshop Girl behind, but the time was right.  That was actually the hardest part of the whole thing - as those who were part of my extremely indecisive Twitter polling conversation will know - but I'm really happy with my new name!

I haven't changed my URL - that just looks too complicated - so I (and you!) won't need to worry about refollowing or anything like that for the time being.  Maybe later...  I'll change my social media names at some point too, and I also have this beautiful new button should any of you care to stick me in a sidebar somewhere...  I've never had a button before, I'm excited!

Book Addicted Blonde

I hope you like the new look!  I absolutely love it - and Avery has been so quick off the mark, so helpful and quick to respond to my questions and anything I wanted changing, I can't recommend her highly enough.  I'm off to carry on reading Attachments and maybe work on some new blog posts now that my double review of The Shining is finally done and dusted...   :)