Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bout of Books: Thursday

Bout of Books

Yesterday was quite a busy day, and I had an appointment to keep first thing this morning, but hopefully now that's over I'll be able to actually relax and read a bit, particularly this evening!  And tomorrow I'm planning on a good Bout of Books day with nothing to distract me from actually getting some pages under my belt...  I'll just, ummm, be over here.  Nowhere near the computer.  Or Candy Crush.  Nowhere near AT ALL.  Honest...

Books I've read from:  Casino Royale by Ian Fleming; The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham
Pages read today:  133
Books finished today:  Casino Royale by Ian Fleming
Running total:  2 books; 374 pages   
The menu:  Chocolate chip muffin, apple, coffee, chai tea with honey, cold Domino's vegetarian supreme pizza, Graze box with dried apple, sultanas and yoghurt-coated raisins, Quality Street green praline bar, Ovaltine spiked with Thorntons chocolate liqueur
Today #insixwords:  James Bond is a colossal dickwad.
Notes:  I finished another book!  Oh dear, it's a good job James Bond novels are so short.  I mean, they're okay, but really the characters are flat as a pancake (including the protagonist, unfortunately) and the constant chauvinism really got on my nerves - especially the way he frequently referred to Vesper Lynd as 'a bitch'.  Very nice, Fleming, very nice.  All those 1950s values nicely summed up there.  Ugh.  Save yourself the bother and watch the movie instead.  At least Vesper in that is allowed a sense of humour, and James actually seems to appreciate it.


After that it was getting a bit late to watch a movie - not doing so well with that, oops - so instead I started The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham.  I've been dying to read it for ages, it's the second book for my TBR Challenge this year (might as well make a good start!) AND Ellie Lit Nerd gave it a rave review just a few days ago.  I love the beautiful covers on these Penguin editions, and even though I'm only about twenty pages in I'm absolutely hooked already.  I think it's going to be a winner!

I call this one 'Book With Fledgling Triffid'

Quote of the day:  "People are islands... They don't really touch.  However close they are, they're really quite separate.  Even if they've been married for fifty years."

Double Date Book Challenge

For this challenge, we're asked to create a bookish double date by pairing up two books that we'd recommend someone read together.  They can be opposing viewpoints, retellings or contain similar issues, for example.
For my bookish double date, I've chosen World War Z by Max Brooks and Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.  One's a full-on old-school zombie apocalypse novel told in the form of survivor testimonials and eyewitness accounts; the other is a funny, sweet and unusual look at a zombie epidemic from the other side, as dead guy R guides us through zombie life and his infatuation with lovely not-dead Julie.  It's the kind of pairing I'd buy someone as a present, for example!
Over halfway through!  What are you all reading at this point in the week?  Are you happy with your progress so far?


  1. Two books! Woohoo! Picture me sat here waving a little flag and cheering. I'm not doing that but, if I HAD a flag, I so would be.

    I'm getting a little fed up of life getting in the way of my reading. Ah, life. I didn't even read on my lunch break today because I had so much extra work to do (not for my full time job, for a second job I actually like). Not cool. Still, I'm planning on getting into bed and hitting the books any minute now.

    Loving your double date pair up. I've not read either but I really want to. Particularly Warm Bodies because of your awesome reviews/chats about it.

    Have a great day tomorrow! And a great rest of today, of course :D

    1. I really must get 'GO GO READATHON' flags made up and sent out to everyone. We could do a photo collage to drag out every readathon!

      I feel like I should have read a LOT more this week, especially without work getting in the way, but life goes on! What I need is some good snow days, where we can't go anywhere easily and there's nothing getting in the way of book time. Snow days just FEEL right for reading.

      I haven't read WWZ yet either, but it's one of my TBR Challenge books this year and I've heard such amazing things! Warm Bodies was so good though, you should read that. READ IT, ELLIE. :)

  2. DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS! YAY! I really hope you love it, it's one of my favouritest books ever. And it hasn't dated at all (apart from maybe phones/internet but I guess we'd all be extra useless without them these days).

    1. No, I've noticed that already - it feels surprisingly modern. The technological thing's usually BETTER in older books anyway. These days half the world would just be wandering around wailing "WHY IS THE WIFI GONE? IF I COULD JUST GOOGLE 'SUDDEN BLINDNESS AND GREEN SHOOTING STARS' I'D KNOW WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME! SOMEONE GET ME ONTO PATIENT.CO.UK WHILE I INSTAGRAM A PHOTO OF THIS TRIFFID'. :P

    2. I want to write some fan fiction now. Day of the Triffids, the 21st century version!

    3. *microwaves popcorn, sits in corner and waits*

  3. Oh, Eva Green is just beautiful...if I could pull off red lipstick and silky evening gowns even HALF as well as her, I know that I'd be a happy woman!

    TWO BOOKS NOW! I am in awe of your mad read-a-thon skills! Day of the Triffids made it onto my Classics Club list because I saw Ellie Lit Nerd's review as I was finalising it. If it turns out to be loved by ALL of the Ellies (two out of three not being a bad start!) then I have no choice but to read it very soon indeed.

    Goooooooooo, Ellie!!! (That is my cheerleader-style read-a-thon support, by the way!)

    1. Seriously, Eva Green was one of my first ever lady-crushes. Mostly because of The Dreamers, which is intense and French and bizarre and incredibly risqué.

      So far Triffids is excellent, though it's already giving me that creeping sense of dread that means it's not a good idea to read it too late at night. I keep looking at my house plant sideways, just in case. :P

    2. P.S. Looking at plants sideways isn't a plot point, by the way. I'm just quietly watching for a sudden growth spurt. Though actually my plant is a peace lily, so TECHNICALLY I should be okay. It's probably quite anti-triffid. *imagines peace lily in superhero cape and wonders whether her cold might be making her slightly feverish*


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