Sunday, 12 January 2014

Bout of Books: Sunday and Wrap-Up

Okaaaaay, it's the LAST DAY of Bout of Books, so let's get this show on the road! My library books are technically due back tomorrow so even though I'm going to be attempting to renew the crap out of them in the morning, my HOPE is that I'll manage to finish Opium today so that if needs be I can rush through some notes and get it back to the library tomorrow afternoon. We shall see...
P.S. Can I just apologise if the print looks HUGE on my last post? I'm writing in normal font and everything on my draft posts, and all the sidebar gadgets are still okay, but in my IE and Chrome browsers it posted in large bold type. No idea why...  I'm having to try a different formatting system for this one, it's a pain!

Books I've read from: Opium: Reality's Dark Dream by Thomas Dormandy
Pages read today: 68
Books finished today: Opium: Reality's Dark Dream by Thomas Dormandy
Running total: 3 books; 556 pages  
The menu: Choc chip muffin, apple, coffee, jacket potato with butter, baked beans and mini sausages (NOSTALGIA MOMENT!), sweet tea, choc chip and orange shortbread, lemon and raisin American-style pancakes, Graze jaffa flapjack
Notes:  Woooow, I've really been driving my reading hard today.  68 pages may not sound like a lot, especially to the breezy 'Oh yeah, I only read 400 pages today, bummer' brigade (don't mind me, I'm just jealous) but every single one of those pages was dense and information-packed and OH MY GOD I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE FINISHED THIS BOOK.  It's been fascinating and enlightening and occasionally mind-blowing, but it's taken a LONG time to read.  This week I finally started taking it in longer, more focussed chunks, et voilĂ !  At about 9:30pm I finished the last page and the last notes (yes, I read the notes too) and that's that.  I think I deserve a Dexter-and-flapjack break before bed, right?  Right?

Quote of the day:  "In millennium year, one kilo of heroin bought in the form of opium from a peasant farmer in Afghanistan or Pakistan for the equivalent of £500 was worth about £10,000 by the time it left distribution centres in Kabul or Islamabad and twice as much on arriving in London or Paris.  It was worth £40,000 once it was broken into smaller units.  It was sold on the streets in bags costing £5 or £10.  The aggregate value of the original kilogram had by then risen to £100,000."

Well, quite.

That's Sunday done... just one little task left for this Bout of Books:

~ Wrap-Up ~

Okay!  So, what did I read and how did I fare according to my original goals back on Monday?  My first aim was to read a good chunk of Opium: Reality's Dark Dream by Thomas Dormandy, which as you already know, I actually managed to finish in the nick of time.  That definitely counts as a goal ticked off with extra gold stars for me!  I also finished Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, read Casino Royale by Ian Fleming (the first James Bond novel) in its entirety, and started The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham.  Although I didn't finish two complete novels, then, I DID unexpectedly finish my non-fiction read instead, and Casino Royale was one of my TBR Challenge picks for the year, so that little sub-goal was also met.

I missed both of the Twitter chats that I could have taken part in - oops - so that was a bit of a fail, and a definite first for me.  Usually I manage at least one, but my timing's a little fluid now I'm not at the shop, so they just sort of passed me by.  I didn't watch two DVDs or movies either, partly because I wasn't in the mood and partly because I actually wanted to read instead.  I can't really call that a fail, to be honest.  I was HOPELESS at keeping up with other people's blogs each day, so I'll be visiting and commenting and replying to all the comments on MY posts today or tomorrow, in a feeble attempt to make up for going into my own little book bubble and refusing to come out.
So, what DID I do?  Well, I read a grand total of 556 pages, which isn't at all bad for me, especially given that Triffids is a bit more time-heavy and Opium even more so.  I didn't spend swathes of time blogging, though I did have fun taking a few photos for my updates, and doing four of the challenges: the Book Buying Spree challenge (which is, after all, what I do best), the Reading Tactics challenge, the Introduce Someone to Your Favourite Genre challenge and the Double Date Book Challenge.  You can read all my updates, see all the pics and check out my challenges in one handy package by clicking here!
When I wasn't reading I spent a shameful amount of time in a futile battle against various tricky levels of Candy Crush (thanks very much to my little sis for getting me hooked on that one!), watching videos from some of my favourite Booktubers (good for reading inspiration), eating muffins, watching the occasional episode of Dexter (which I am LOVING so far - I just ordered the complete seasons 1-8 box set on the strength of the first half of season 1), going out for dinner and FINALLY knuckling down to write my review of The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, which went up on Friday.  Quite a productive week, all things considered!
I hope you've enjoyed coming along for the ride with me again, and that you've had a fantastic week of reading, whether or not you were taking part in BoB this time!  In the comments you can let me know what you've been reading and how you did, and feel free to leave me your links so I can come visit!  Until next time, read-a-thonners...  :)


  1. Congratulations! I have enjoyed reading your updates. This is the first time I have tried Bout of Books (since I just started the blog end of last month) and your blog was one of the reasons I gave it a try. I want to pick up a copy of Opium - it sounds fascinating,

    1. Opium is definitely fascinating... It's pretty heavy-going, but the vast scope keeps it so interesting that it was worth the slog! Hope you had a great week of reading! :)

  2. I finally managed to kick my Candy Crush habit (at least for THIS week)!

    I love the challenges during Bout of Books -- I was very happy that I managed to squeeze in 5 this time. That's a first for me!


    1. I think mine is being quite rapidly kicked for me, because I've been stuck on the same impassable level for days and I'm not hopeful that I'll ever beat it! It's starting to get annoying and that's definitely the first step towards beating the addiction. :P

  3. You did awesome!!! I missed all the Twitter chats too... the ones that take place during the work day are impossible for me now, and I missed the one on Saturday cause I had to go outside and DO THINGS, ugh.

    Glad you're enjoying Dexter! It's SUCH a good show.

    1. I hate having to go outside and do things during BoB week. It's like... well, it should probably be illegal. Snack runs might be permitted, and also anything book-related like a library visit (because MORE BOOKS), but otherwise, NOPE. :)

      Dexter is sooooooo good, why didn't I watch it earlier?! My season 1-8 box set with its spooky red slidy cover thing arrived this morning and OOOOH it looks so awesome. Though I do find it a BIT weird that Michael C. Hall's married to his on-screen sister. I'm just sayin'.


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