Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bout of Books: Saturday

Bout of Books
*Sighs deeply*  I seem to be getting less and less reading-friendly this week, despite picking some great books and spending my free moments (like when I'm eating lunch) watching Bout of Books videos and other stuff from my favourite BookTubers.  IT SHOULD BE SO INSPIRING, but then the second I switch off and go back to my book I end up drifting again...  Oh well.  Two more days, might as well make the most of it!  :)

Books I've read from:  The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham; Opium: Reality's Dark Dream by Thomas Dormandy
Pages read today:  60
Books finished today:  None
Running total:  2 books; 488 pages   
The menu:  Choc chip muffin, apple, coffee, chai tea with honey, Spanish tortilla with sweetcorn and cherry tomatoes, peanut M'n'Ms, Ovaltine Light, crispy vegetable samosas, Seabrooks Original crisps
Today #insixwords:  The opium trade is HISTORICALLY MASSIVE.
Notes:  Okay, so, not such a bad day after all.  It took me a while to get motivated, but I read a chapter of The Day of the Triffids over lunch and then this afternoon knuckled down and got stuck into the rather shocking more recent-historical chapters of Opium.  So many jaw-dropping statistics and clandestine authority alliances, it's been quite the surprise...  Anyway, technically my entire stack of library books is due back on Monday, so that's a good incentive for me to crack on with it, just in case it won't renew come Monday morning.  My sister spent a while slumped in my room like a dead bumblebee, eating my Christmas chocolates and playing on her phone, so that hindered progress somewhat, but I didn't mind really!  Also, I finally passed that Candy Crush level I've been stuck on.  So there's that.  And I watched the final episode of Masters of Sex, which was nearly two hours long but well worth it.  Quite a productive Saturday, all things considered!

Quote of the day:  "'You've got to grow a hide,' I told myself.  'Got to.  It's either that or stay permanently drunk." - The Day of the Triffids
Sooooo, THIS IS IT, DUDES.  One more day to go!  ARE WE FEELING STRONG?  Ready to read the shit out of Sunday?  *waves pompoms enthusiastically*  WE CAN DO IT!  :)


  1. Candy Crush :D I try to avoid such games because once I started playing Angry Birds on fiancé's cell phone and I kid you not, I didn't notice where the time went!! Candy Crush seems totally my kinda thing, but I won't let myself even take a peek because it'll end in disaster...

    I already finished a book today, so I'm all happy with the goals (to read 3 books - I finished 4) and can say it has been a very successful week. I hope you will get lots done today still!

    1. I KNOW! I sort of wish I'd never started playing Candy Crush to be honest - every time I get stuck on a level I just play OBSESSIVELY, waiting until my lives get renewed and snatching up lives that other people send me so I CAN PLAY AGAIN. Very addictive. SAVE YOURSELF, RIV. DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO etc etc. :)

      Congratulations on a fab week - I'll be over to catch up on aaaaaaall the updates and cat photos as soon as I'm done replying to comments on here!

  2. 'm so happy I didn't do BoB because my reading this week would have been awful. I finished off one book and started reading two. Hoping to sit down and read something now Josh has left. I have watched loads of Jericho which is really good. So at least it hasn't all been staring at the internet.

    1. I didn't exactly have a fantastic reading week myself, given that I'm not working and only had a few errands and stuff all week! Maybe if I'd chosen quicker reads, but I really wanted to finish Opium so... I was really pleased with that, at least! Ironically my reading will probably speed up now that's over. :)

  3. My reading has sort of gone downhill all week as well. But I knew it would. I typically get more reading done during the week than on the weekend. Good luck on the final day!

    1. I just sort of tailed off when I realised my page count wasn't going up as fast as I'd hoped. Also I kept being nagged by various family members about reading instead of doing fun productive other things like 'tidying the corner of my room' and going outside. Pfffft. :D


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