Friday, 10 January 2014

Bout of Books: Friday

Bout of Books
Another day of reading...  I think today's going to be a slow one because I was awake half the night thanks to first waking up absolutely freezing, then waking up too hot (because I'd put my electric blanket on to warm up and dozed off again), THEN waking up with a blocked up nose (uh oh) and THEN waking up because my sister was getting ready early in the bathroom next to my head.  Also, The Day of the Triffids already sort-of gave me nightmares, only because I was only a chapter in when I went to bed it was just green shooting stars that turned into bombs.  My inner Nightmare Land reaaaaaaaally likes to dig out inescapable bombs every now and again. 
I WILL PERSEVERE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.  *sighs and picks up book again* 

Books I've read from:  The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham
Pages read today:  54
Books finished today:  None
Running total:  2 books; 428 pages   
The menu:  Chocolate chip muffin, apple, coffee, crispy vegetable samosas, Graze punnet with cranberries, mango and orange yoghurt raisins, Spanish tortilla with sweetcorn and cherry tomatoes, peanut M'n'Ms
Today #insixwords:  Killer weeds, anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
Notes:  Yeah, I didn't read that much today.  I played Candy Crush, and watched an episode of Dexter, and chatted to Mum, and chatted to my sister, and talked to my dad on the phone... but I didn't read much.  I would perhaps have read more had I not become quite positive that I'd have nightmares if I read beyond about 9pm.  So I watched Dexter instead.  Much more cheery.  :)

Quote of the day:  "Absurd it undoubtedly was, but I had a very strong sense that the moment I stove-in one of those sheets of plate-glass I should leave the old order behind me for ever: I should become a looter, a sacker, a low scavenger upon the dead body of the system that had nourished me.  Such a foolish niceness of sensibility in a stricken world!"

Just two days left!  Do you think you'll meet your goals this weekend?  What are you reading at this late hour of the read-a-thon?


  1. Oh you are reading The Day of the Triffids! I really want to re-read it, I remember the concept was SO spooky... But I also remember flying through this book. I hope you are liking it, despite the spooky fauna (in my mind unfortunately they will always be those horrible rubber-plant props I happened to see in one of the earlier TV-adaptations :p)

    1. I'm going to finally read on with it today, now I've finished Opium! It's definitely spooky - every time I pick it up I'm getting that horrible 'creeping dread' feeling you get when you're reading a really chilling novel. So far so good, though I'm sure it helps that my mental triffids aren't quite so... rubbery. :P

  2. OMG all that food sounds so good.

    I'm actually thinking about turning down our heat so we can use the electric blanket. We used to use it ALL the time when I was living in my grandma's house and the heat was on only enough to keep the pipes from freezing, and it was always so cozy under that heated blanket!

    As it is now, the heat is on pretty comfortably (because we don't pay for it, yayyyyy), and the honeyman is a freaking furnace, so I ALWAYS wake up too hot. Ugh.

    Happy Day 6 of reading!!

    1. Mwahahaahaaaaa! If there's two things I do best, it's books and food. :)

      Electric blankets are so good in a chilly room. My window's got some kind of problem with the seal on one side, so every time it gets windy (which is ALL THE NIGHTS at the moment) it drives cold air through and makes my room a tiny bit on the frosty side. Having a *cough* hot man to snuggle up to is definitely a good alternative, though like you I always used to wake up wishing mine would sod off to the other side of the bed so I could cool off a bit! :P

  3. Triffids! They definitely gave me the creeps and one or two nightmares but it think it is so worth it. Such a funny, intelligent and entertaining book. Enjoy :)

    1. Haha, yes, after I had my 'green shooting star bomb' dream I remember thinking, "Huh. Other Ellie had a nightmare about this book this week too. Not just me then!" I was quite relieved! Reading on today, hopefully... :)


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