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Monday, 23 January 2012

No, I'm not dead...

Hello, worried souls!  I've had a few messages along the "Where are youuuuuuu??" lines so I thought I'd just drop by and vacuum some of the cobwebs away before they get out of hand...

Basically, my reading resolve of December - the one that had me mentally firing into January like a book-mad cannon and reading twenty books by the end of the month - fizzled out rather quickly.  I just haven't felt like reading much!  I'm a few pages into a science book and halfway through a YA review novel that I haven't touched in well over a week, and I've flicked through a few other titles but nothing's captured my attention.

Instead I've been music-stalking on YouTube, making long lists of Stuff What I Need To Buy Next Time I Go Play On My iTunes Library (having it still stuck on an old PC sucks, by the way).  I must have spent a fortune last night, on everything from Jeff Buckley to Lady Gaga, but the receipt hasn't arrived yet so I'm not thinking about it!  Then I've been clearing truckloads of old, undealt-with emails, sorting out my carelessly-added YouTube playlists (ooops), shopping for all the stuff I've been putting off, and trying to get my computer folders into some sort of reasonable order so I can get them backed up and move my iTunes across to a newly-cleared space.  I've also been watching DVD box sets, which as we all know is a major time-killer when you get hooked...

And that's it!  On the plus side, I started Christos Tsiolkas's slim first novel Loaded this morning and have actually read more than two pages.  On the minus side, I've got a new list of to-buy music already building up - including some wonderful tunes by the late, great Etta James, who died a few days ago - so I'm thinking I might just have to do another sweep tonight to get me some good tunes for our little trip to Liverpool tomorrow.  We're going to see my sister at uni (her last exam is this afternoon) and stay the night for a little chatter, a little dinner and a little wandering round the city, so that should be fun.  Scary, since that agoraphobia is still lingering a little bit, but fun!

Hopefully I'll be back with some actually, y'know, reviews at some point.  But I'm really trying not to feel pressured by my (entirely self-set) reading challenges and goals for the year, because then they start to feel like homework and that's hardly going to get me reading again, is it?  See you on the other side!

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