Saturday, 28 January 2012

Liverpool, NOH8, teddies and music...

Well, since I'm STILL not reading (though I'm partway through Christos Tsiolkas's Loaded and I just picked up Graham Norton's So Me which looks like a laugh) I thought I'd just drop by and ramble for a bit.  Throw in a few bits and pieces from the last couple of days, that kind of thing...

So, first up, I went to Liverpool!  Yes, agoraphobia was nothing compared to my absolute delight at being back in a city and surrounded by 20-somethings again.  Mum and I drove across on Tuesday (it's about two hours away), picked up my sister at her university flat, and we all stayed the night in a hotel.  I had my first Nando's that evening (yummy!), and the next morning we went out for breakfast, wandered the Albert Dock, had tea and scones (and chocolate) at Thorntons, and shopped!  A handful of pics:

Echo and the Bunnymen on a lambanana!
The Liverpool Eye, the Tate, and the Albert Dock sign
The most promising window I've ever seen
I don't have a Snippy thing on the shop netbook to do Photo Tidying-Up Stuff so please ignore the daybed - but I finally found a cool hat! I shopped the sh*t out of Accessorize in Liverpool One on Wednesday.

So, that was Liverpool.  Ummmm, what else?  Well, I had another couple of 'weep for humanity' moments today.  This morning an elderly woman asked her daughter if Maeve Binchy was "the one what wrote Wuthering Heights"...  And this afternoon a teenage girl asked her dad, "Who's Elton John again?  Have I heard of him before?"  Sometimes I wonder if I'm on the same planet as the people around me, I really do.

I've been around Twitter a lot of late - another side effect (or partial cause?) of me not fancying reading very much at the moment - and one of the things that's most impressed me recently is the way the NOH8 campaign (promoting LGBT human rights equality and education) is spreading quietly across the Twitterverse.  If you're interested, you can check out the campaign website to find out what it's all about, or visit their Twitter feed to find out how to add a NOH8 'Twibbon' to your profile picture.  Or you can just come and see me, of course, for a running commentary of music, opinions, funnies and bookshop craziness!

I'm sitting here nursing a headache today - a quiet Saturday rapidly descended into a hellish Saturday by lunchtime - and there seem to be an inordinate amount of charity-shop-shoppers and rampaging-small-children on the loose.  But even I have to admit that this is cute.  A tiny girl and her brother had been playing in the children's section for quite some time, but lo!  Not only were the shelves left neat and tidy, but they'd also done this:

I may not be an especially child-friendly woman, but even I melted a little bit when I saw it!  Aloysius and his little doggy friend, reading quietly like good little teddies.  Love it.

And now, to play you out this sunny Saturday, here's The Doors and L.A. Woman (the alternate, longer, cooler version).  Enjoy!


  1. Oh yay! Congratulations on your trip to Liverpool, you must have been so proud.

    I've never been to Nando's even though there are 50 million branches around us, so I might nag the Boy :)

    Oh God, Maeve Binchy and Wuthering Heights!? The Elton John thing makes me cringe but I care more about books than music so I can ALMOST let it go. But evn if you don't know which Bronte sister wrote Wuthering Heights, you should at least know that ONE OF THEM DID!

    The teddybears are cute. I'm not big on children much myself, but I do like to see polite and respectful ones :)

  2. I have never been to Liverpool. I grew up in London and always went south in an effort to get warm.

  3. Haha, I so would have done the same when I was a child visiting a book shop w/ stuffed toys. I may have been to shy to have them sit around after I was leaving the shop though..

    Liverpool looks like another city I want to visit. Also, I love your picture. Very pretty.

  4. Hanna - Ooooh, do go! I only had a chicken burger and fries, but it was SO YUMMY! It's got this whole relaxed barbeque vibe going on, with lots of efficient people and big grab-your-own-stuff bars. People wandering around with bottles of sauces and refilling their glasses, that kind of thing. Completely different from anything I've seen before!

    The gaffes were truly painful. It's been a bit of a 'bang my head against a brick wall' kind of week, really. And EXACTLY on the kid thing. :)

    Ann - It definitely wasn't warm there, you're right! The first night I stepped out of the car into the freezing cold wind and I thought I'd never be warm again. Fortunately it was sunnier and calmer the next day so it wasn't too painful down by the docks!

    Iris - The reading teddies were such a cute touch, I had to take a photo really didn't I? Liverpool really surprised me actually - it was so friendly, and much less intimidating than I expected. Some gorgeous buildings too, and great shopping spots, and generally a really good vibe as you were walking round. :)

  5. Love the hat! Great blog post, as always... my it isn't just Caroline that needs a reality show :)
    I would watch yours!

  6. Hi Ellie, thanks for dropping by my blog! January was a terrible month for reading for me overall, I'm hoping Feb. is a big improvement. Was there really a freakshow in that cafe? Looks like I need to visit Liverpool!


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