Friday, 14 October 2011

A tiny misunderstanding...

Our favourite customer, David, called in today.  He's the little chap who drops by every week just to chat, and brings us custard creams.  He was our first ever customer, dropping in to say hello and place an order with us before we'd even finished decorating the shop!

He said that he loved my new hairstyle, then looked very concerned and asked if he was allowed to say that because he didn't want to sound like he was flirting.  To my delight, he said I "look like one of those singing ladies on the stage in the twenties".  All I needed was a drop-waisted dress and a headband, he said.  I was so chuffed, because that's exactly what had crossed my mind when I first left my new short locks to dry curly instead of straightening them into submission.

What followed was a marvellous moment where I called down the shop to Mum, "Awww, David thinks I look like a flapper!"  Immediately all my elderly customers snapped to attention and turned to look at me in horror.  I was a little taken aback - until I realised that they may have misheard...  Priceless.  :) 


  1. He's so sweet, honestly - like a little cheeky gnome, with a heart of gold!


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