Saturday, 25 June 2011

Saturday odds and ends

Happy weekend, readers!  A few bits and pieces today...  First up, as of this morning (or last night?) I've hit 200 followers here on the blog, which is lovely!  And good timing, since it's also my one-year blogoversary in a few days AND our shop's second birthday to boot...  I'm not holding a giveaway to celebrate, since I just had my birthday one , but I've got another one lined up for the 'Page to Screen' event in a week or two, so watch out for that!

The next thing to mention is Judith's Literary Giveaway Blog Hop, hosted over at Leeswammes' Blog, which is in full flow from today.  There are nearly 75 blogs taking part with loads of amazing books up for grabs, so go check it out.  I'm midway through visiting all of the participants and I've already found a couple of new blogs to follow and written down some great book recommendations!

It's the Day of Dance here in TouristTown today - and the farmer's market - so business has been fairly steady.  You never really know on a day like this whether it's going to be packed (because of all the people in the gardens next door watching the festivities) or empty (because everyone stays in the gardens next door then heads back along the river to the chippie).  Not too bad thus far, so we'll see - plus we get to the enjoy all the music and fiddling and foot-stomping (lots of European tap-style and Irish dancing so far!) from the comfort of the shop since it's right over the wall.

We've had a revolting family in this morning, two whining kids and their grumpy parents.  They obviously assumed that we had a loo their little girl could visit and weren't too happy when I said we didn't (come on, the shop's tiny!).  The dad, who'd been browsing up until this point, bellowed across the busy shop, "They don't have a toilet?  What do the staff use, a bloody bucket?"  Charming, thanks for that.  I told them it was on the top floor and it was like Fort Knox trying to get up there through all the locked doors, so off they went to the public ones, chuntering under their breaths the whole way.  *sighs*

Other than that, my Kindle and its case arrived (I've opened the box and cooed over it a bit, but that's all so far),  and I've been buying a few bits and pieces to download to it when I plug it in later.  A bunch of free classics, a 70p YA novel (!) and a couple of other things.  The postman told me off for buying more stuff for myself (he always tells me off when he has to drag yet more parcels over here with my name on them!) which made the customers laugh.  And loads of people have been eyeing up The Princess Bride, which is sitting on the desk, and telling me how amazing it is!  A good choice, apparently... 

Speaking of the Kindle, I also have an interesting article to share with you.  It's from The Independent, and includes not just the writer's perspective on ebooks, but an interesting discussion of the ways in which a physical library can say so much about the reader who built it.  It includes interviews with home stylists who use their clients' libraries to sell houses or project a certain image.  Read more about it HERE.  Tying in with the article is a link to the The Guardian Flickr group which is heaving with photographs of readers' bookshelves - book porn for the biblioholically-minded!

Happy reading for the weekend, all - and see you back here tomorrow for IMM!


  1. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers! As a reader and fellow book blogger, I know how much time and energy you put into this blog and it shows. And I enjoy reading it!

    I hope you get a chance to set up your new Kindle soon and to read your first book on it!

    By the way - The Princess Bride is one of my favorites. I hope you love it just as much as I do!

    Have a great weekend!
    Grace at Feeding My Book Addiction

  2. Awww, thanks Grace! It's really nice to reach a milestone like this and be reminded that there are people out there who enjoy what you're writing and appreciate the work you put in, y'know?

    I'll get my Kindle on when I get home - I've just been scrolling through my emails and realised that on top of the freebies I've managed to one-click my way to another ten or more books already! Ooops. :)

    I have high hopes for The Princess Bride - I kinda feel like watching a movie tonight but unless there's something good on telly I think I might settle in with the book for the night instead!


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