Friday, 19 November 2010

BTT borrowing and a Friday hop

On borrowing and buying

"Who would you rather borrow from?  Your library?  Or a friend? 
(Or don't our friends trust you to return their books?)
And, DO you return the books you borrow?

I'd definitely rather borrow from the library than from a friend.  It's less personal - there's less invested in it!  I know where to take it back and when to do it, and I can extend my renewal time as long as I need.  If a friend has lent me a book, will they be hugely disappointed if I don't like it as much as they did?  What if I accidentally spill something on it, or crease the spine where it wasn't creased before?  Plus, the only friend I've really borrowed from over recent years doesn't have the same taste in books as me anyway; I was more likely to borrow her DVDs than her reading material.  I definitely return the books I borrow, and I'm perhaps even more careful with other people's books than I am with my own - though it must be said, this wasn't always the case in the Younger Years...

Ultimately I buy most of my books anyway.  I do enjoy occasional jaunts to the library, perhaps picking up books I've heard of but which had fallen off my radar, or borrowing likely-sounding (and usually expensive) non-fiction that might end up being too dense or dull for me, without any risk!  I've found some wonderful books that way - a huge book on Tutankhamen and the Cairo Museum which I ended up buying for myself later, Gold by Dan Rhodes (ditto) and a host of others.  Mostly, though, I buy my books, anywhere I can get 'em!  Car boot sales, charity shops, book stalls, second-hand bookshops (including ours!), Amazon...  And these days, at least I know that if I fall on a dud book, I can give it to the shop and benefit that way!

Welcome, hoppers!  It's another rainy, cold day here in Tourist Town - and pretty quiet to boot.  I think people are probably heading off to the bigger towns and shopping centres for Christmas shopping at the moment - we'll have to wait for some crisp sunny days to lure back the browsers and tea shop lurkers!  If it's anything like last year, we'll have a bit of a Christmas flurry in a few weeks, especially with all our new gifty goodies from Paperblanks and Penguin and the Bodleian Library, which we didn't have last year - other than that... well, plenty of time to read, let's put it that way!

Soooo, come on in, everyone, take a look around!  As you might have gathered, I'm a young bookseller, and I run a second-hand bookshop in a quaint little tourist town with my mum.  This blog is a bit of a mixed bookish bag really - a few memes, crazy customer stories, updates on my rampant book-buying addiction, and plenty of reviews, mixed in with a few random titbits on life in general - favourite food, pet hates, swoonworthy TV characters, owls, our kittens... whatever's floating my boat that day really!  Apologies for the sparse entries of the last week or two - I've succumbed to the reading lethargy that seems to have cut a swathe across the blogosphere, worst luck.  Still reading, just slowly, and with a greater-than-usual propensity for being distracted by DVDs and the internet!

Anyway, don't forget to leave me a note in the comments so I can return the visit...

Here's this week's Hop question:
"Since Thanksgiving is coming up next week, let's use this week's Hop to share what we are most thankful for and what our holiday traditions are!"
Hmmmm.  Not much to say on the topic of Thanksgiving, since I'm not American, but hey...  I won't go into holiday traditions - we'll save that for Christmas - but here's my 'award acceptance speech' list of people and things I'm thankful for.  It's always good to count our blessings every once in a while and be grateful for what we have and how far we've come.

Firstly, my family.  My dad and stepdad, for their unending support.  My sister Hannah, who's grown out of her teenage years into an amusing, generous and street-smart young woman.  Our kittens Domino and Millie, for making me smile and giving me something to come home to.  Our sweet cat Pippa, who died on Wednesday, for being such a good companion for the last nine years.  And of course, Mum, for lifting me out of the worst of my agoraphobia and joining me in creating our dream bookshop.  She's always ready to swoop in and take over when times are bad, and there for a joke and a giggle when they're not.  She helps make this place feel like home! 

I'm thankful that my health seems to be slowly improving, and that my mind seems better able to cope with my body's discomfort during the bad days.  I'm thankful that the bookshop is still here, no matter how close to the bone these cold days may scrape.  I'm thankful for my welcome into the blogosphere and the fun and opportunities it has created, and for my wonderful friends over at LibraryThing, who can always be relied on to put a smile on my face and seem to know just what to say when the chips are down.   

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy For Books


  1. I'm new to your blog (coming from the hop), and just want to offer my condolences for your loss of Pippa. I'm so sorry. I am also a little jealous you can spend your days in your own bookshop! That is a dream of mine!

    If you are interested, I am hosting a "Back to the Classics" Challenge - I'm trying to encourage myself to read more classics, and from your fave authors list, and the books you've recently read - it looks this Challenge may be something for you!


  2. stopping by on the hop, new follower, look forward to reading your blog.

  3. Hopping through. I'm a new follower. You're so lucky to run a bookshop. That's my dream.
    My Hop

  4. Happy Friday! I'm stopping by for the hop and follow Friday. I can't believe the holidays are so close. Were did the year go? I must be getting old. lol
    Have a great weekend!
    I'm an new follower.
    Romance Book Junkies

  5. Hi Ellie,

    I never borrow books from friends; I borrow from the library when i need to, and get alot of things, as you do, from our used bookshop. I have had the experience of lending books and having them never return, but that hasn't stopped me from lending -- it's just made me more selective with my offers, lol.


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