Friday, 1 October 2010

A hop, a skip and a rainbow...

Welcome, new hoppers! Come in out of the autumn drizzle and bluster and make yourselves at home! Help yourself to tea, coffee and hot chocolate (mini marshmallows optional), cookies and cakes, sandwiches and scones. Draw your stool a little closer to the fire, or wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and snuggle a little further into that squishy armchair... Now, take a look around! I am a self-confessed book maniac, so there are plenty of reviews, reading thoughts and bookish memes here. I love my comfort food, so there's a fair amount of rambling about my favourite treats too. And to top it off, we've just acquired two new kittens, ginger lady Millie and black-and-white minx Domino, so there may be a bit of sentimental gushing every once in a while too. With photos... :-)

Soooo, have a browse, have a wander. And feel free to leave me a message in the comments so I can return the visit!

Here's this week's Hop question:
How do you spread the word about your blog? 
(e.g. Social Networking sites, Book Blog Directories, comments on other blogs...)
Not much to tell on that front, I'm afraid!  I think because I'm a fairly new blogger, I still shy away from publicity in case it comes across as spamming or coercing people to visit.  Does that make sense?  When I started the blog I posted the link on my Facebook page, and added it to my LibraryThing profile and my threads there.  I spread the word amongst my family and friends too, so some of them read on a regular basis (I think!).  I do drop by other blogs and comment on posts, but I'm not a rabid commenter - I visit blogs I like, written by people with interesting voices whose ideas, reviews and memes I enjoy reading, and comment as and when I have something to say.  I'm not one of those 'Hello, come and visit my blog now please' people.  I might write a long response to a discussion post, or just a quick note on a review to say how much I liked it, maybe that I'm planning to buy or read the book soon, or chip in my thoughts if I've already read it.  One of my main sources of 'spreading the word' is via this Blog Hop (yay!), which of course works all ways since I visit others from the list and make 'return trips' to anyone who's commented on my post.  That's about it really!  Though I did just join the Book Blogs page that Jennifer mentioned in her response this week...  Looks like fun, I'm awaiting my confirmation of membership as we speak!

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy For Books

Now, I uploaded these pics from my camera this afternoon, so I just had to share them with you.  First up, here's a few uber-cutie pics of the kittens asleep in their little basket!  Millie's the ginger girl, Domino's the black and white baby.

And finally, I have to say it's been absolutely miserable today.  It's been raining all day, steadily and without let-up, with a few extra-heavy showers just to make things more interesting for anyone daft enough to come into town.  At last, this evening, things let up a bit, the sky turned that odd twilight post-rain livid colour, and a beautiful double rainbow appeared, bringing a happy note to the end of the day!

"If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." - Dolly Parton


  1. *melts into a puddle of cute-induced goo*
    Erm sorry about that :P
    Seriously would you mind if I "borrowed"* one of your kittens cos darn it if I'm feeling the lack of kittehs in my life - my bf has a cat who takes all day to remember he likes me, you have two of the cutest kittens ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH and my dad is mean and doesn't like cats so we'll never have one at home.
    *borrowed with little intent of returning ;-)

  2. I realize this isn't a kitty blog but post more kitty photos! They are so adorable and I love their little pink paws.

    Feeling like throwing myself in a squishy chair right now myself. Have a great evening, Bonnie

  3. I have to agree, keep the great book posts coming but please include more kitties. Those pictures are so cute.

  4. Rachel - BRING THAT KITTEN BACK RIGHT NOW! Particularly since you couldn't possibly have smuggled Domino away, she's such a wriggler, so you must have my angelic little Millie!

    You know that moment in 'Shrek 2' when Puss in Boots does The Look? The gooey melty tears-spring-to-your-eyes look? Yeah, Millie's got it down already...

    And Bonnie? Go hit that squishy chair!

  5. The Hop is probably one of my major sources of advertising. I'm a new blog, too. One of the blogs I read mentioned that Twitter is a great source to advertise on, but I've never been that big into "tweeting".

    Your kittens are very cute! I just got my second cat earlier this summer and my two are just now starting to tolerate being around each other.

    Have a great weekend!
    Tedious & Brief

  6. I must say that you have the job I want when I a small bookstore in a quaint town. One can dream.....I am a new follower from the hop. Love the kittens! Come and visit me at

  7. See, maybe that's where I'm going wrong - I'm not on Twitter at all. I have enough on my plate trying to keep up with LibraryThing and Blogger and my emails, Facebook's all but fallen by the wayside - how on earth will I keep up with Twitter too?

    Our kittens are just starting to muddle along with our other cat now. They're kept downstairs in the kitchen and living rooms for the time being, with all their toys and things, since they're too mad for the rest of the house right now! We let the other cat into those rooms for a while every day, to have some cat milk with them and settle down for the evening. Domino still gets the odd hiss and boink on the nose for being too naughty, but Millie's quieter and less of a pain, so her and Pippa are getting along okay, all things considered!

  8. Ooops, cross-posted with you there Mandy! Keep dreaming - if I can do it anyone can... :-)
    I'll drop by your blog as soon as I've made more coffee!

  9. Hi Ellie,
    You have a great looking blog, notwithstanding the kittens ;-) (Sorry, I'm a dog person)

    I perused your 2010 reads list. Not many in common, but I did read and enjoy Beastly this year, and have the Count of Monte Cristo downloaded and ready to read along with my nephew, who has recommend we try it.

  10. Well you have kitten photos so i'm sold. Stop by and have a look at my fuzzy babies. I'm doing a month of scary reads and to launch it I dropped in a series of pictures of my kitten Thurman, they made me laugh so hard I was in tears (while taking them). You can also drop off your links to any scary reviews, interviews or giveaways (help get the word out).

  11. Hi! I'm Alisha from Black Nailed Reviews ( I absolutely love your blog! I added you to my Book Blogger Hop Buddy List!

  12. Visiting from the Hop! BookBlogs is a good source of networking but I've also found it a great source of information about blogging. I would like to be more active on LibraryThing and GoodReads but where to find the time? Have a great weekend.

  13. Cute cats...Hopping by...hope you are having fun at the blog hop.

    Stop by my blog to see how I advertise....I like your blog.

  14. Jay - I stopped by your blog and commented on your 'Frankenstein' review - I read it this week and thought it was wonderful...

    BookStop - I just signed up for your email subscription. I like your mix of books! I'm definitely active on LT - I was there well before I was anywhere else! I'm not sure I'm getting to grips with BookBlogs very well though...

    Thanks Elizabeth - I'm a follower of your blog and I've added you to my Blog Roll!


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