Saturday, 9 October 2010

Ellie's 'Some Of Us Work Weekends, You Know' Belated 24-Hour Read-a-Thon

As most of you probably know (especially since some of you are participating!), today is the day of the October 2010 Dewey's 24-Hour Read-a-Thon.  If you haven't headed over there to check out the fun, do - it's brilliant!  There's loads going on right through the day, including memes, hourly challenges, prize draws, pep-talking cheerleaders, and of course, lots and lots of READING.  There's also a list of everyone who's taking part, so I've been dropping by various blogs since I got home to see how people are getting on... 

I spotted this Read-a-Thon at the last minute today, and my heart leapt at the very beauty of the idea, at the thought of signing up just in time - and then it sank again as reality hit.  Because I was at work at Hour Zero (1pm here), on a rickety old laptop that won't let me NEAR a blog without shutting my internet windows down.  I was surrounded by customers and had the rest of the weekend at work still ahead of me.  So once again, I knew I just couldn't participate properly.  The same thing happened with the last couple of LibraryThing Read-a-Thons, with me sitting on our shop counter, eagerly following other people's progress like a homeless child staring in at a wealthy family Christmas.  *world's smallest violins begin to play*

So, I thought I'd turn this thing around for once, and take matters into my own hands!  Allow me to introduce, dear readers:

Ellie's 'SOME OF US WORK WEEKENDS, YOU KNOW' Belated 24-Hour Readathon!

Basically this will be much the same as the original - except I'll be doing it a couple of days late.  I'll be following the same basic principles, linking to their site, maybe doing some of the memes and challenges from today's mega-read, and nabbing their gorgeous buttons - I just won't have the whole cheerleading-squad, prize-giving, 450-other-people-doing-it-too thing going on along the way...  It sounds a bit tragic when you put it that way, but hey, I'm just happy that I get my read-a-thon at last!

My plan is to start my 24 hours at 8pm (Brit-girl time) on Monday night, stretching through into my day off on Tuesday.  That means I have time to get home from work, start my laundry, have a break and maybe a teensy weensy power-nap before I start... then it's books all the way!  I'll be keeping track of what I'm reading - and how much - and blogging a few other bits and pieces during my reading breaks.  If I can get through the night, then so much the better - though if I need the occasional power nap to keep my eyes and head clear, then so be it.  I figure 8pm is a good time to finish anyway because I can go straight to bed if I want, ready for work on Wednesday...

Obviously Monday night is a really stoopid time for most people to be staging a Read-a-Thon, but if anyone wants to read along for half an hour, a couple of hours, whatever, then feel free... leave a message and a link to your blog in the comments of any of the posts up until the end of the 24 hours, and I'll try to stop by and see you!  *Keeps fingers crossed that nothing goes horribly awry, and that her Mum doesn't go make her an appointment or something at the last minute.  Also, that she doesn't fall asleep at 10pm and embarrass herself*

So, anyone think they might read along for an hour?  And anyone who's participating in the *real* Blog-a-Thon today (or participated, by the time you read this!) - do you have any tips for a successful 24 hours?  Any hints as to how to make it through the wee hours of the morning, or what makes a great Read-a-Thon book?  Leave me your wisdom in the comments!


  1. Have fun, even if you're not on exactly the same hours. :)

  2. Oh very fun idea Ellie! I wish I could take part but because I'm full of a cold at the minute it's so not a good time for me to do a read a thon never mind me staying awake reading into the night I'm asleep on and off through out the day which makes for very little reading time *huffs* I'll be keeping track of how your getting on when I'm online though - good luck! :)

  3. Thanks both! I'm actually ridiculously excited about it - I'll be drafting out my update posts tonight, and getting the mini-challenges ready to complete, to make things quicker during the Read-a-Thon, and I'm stopping by a couple of stores and popping onto the market tomorrow to get a few tasty treats to get me through the night.

    I'm just so chuffed to finally be trying out my first 24-Hour Read-a-Thon, even if it's not ideal doing it separately from everyone else!


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