Friday, 3 September 2010

A quick post of randomness...

Ohhh, I'm having one of those weeks.  You know the ones.  The laptop at work is steadfastly refusing to let me go NEAR a blog (I've managed to sneak past it once or twice but I'm only a little way into a post before it drags me back, tutting and pointing to the 'Internet Explorer has encountered an error and needs to close' message flashing on the screen...) and every evening I'm half asleep!  So my regular memes/updates have fallen by the wayside a little.  I might write a belated Booking Through Thursday reply tomorrow, and my Saturday fave things section, and turn them into a post when I get home after work.  Maybe add the Blog Hop if I have time...  You know it's a bad week when even a simple Hop feels like a major deal! 

It might be a quiet day tomorrow anyway...  There's the big Country Fair over at Chatsworth (we got to watch half their Red Arrows display today from outside our door, more on that soon!) which usually means that everyone in the area is either heading this way but going to the fair, or staying the hell away and avoiding the traffic.  Plus the schools are going back after the weekend so this is the last chance for harrassed parents to get their back-to-school jobs done, which usually signals a quiet day or two.  We've got a few jobs to do this week - a pick-up of a huge load of books on Monday after work, a pick-up of some more of the books Mrs H is leaving to me on Tuesday, some smaller errands to run at some point - and then we're going on holiday a week tomorrow!  My list of 'possible books to take away' currently runs to three and a half sides of A4 paper, as always, so my next job will be to start paring them down until I have a manageable number to drag out and mull over by the end of the week.  Sod the clothes, they'll be done in a couple of hours - but choosing which books to take?  Well, it's a lengthy job, and simultaneously the bestest one and the one most likely to cause imminent breakdown when I can't make a decision.

I'll keep you posted!  Anyway, apologies for the rambling (it's rather late, I'm falling asleep, but I felt so guilty at not posting for a day or two!)... oooh, and I must say a quick hello to a certain fellow book blogger who has been staying nearby and came to visit today!  HELLO!  But more on that later as well.  I haven't got the energy to go making HTML links tonight.  And I'm not sure which spelling she uses for her name, so I'll see if she drops by before Tuesday's round-up so I can write about it properly!  Goodnight all, I'm going to go see if I can stay awake long enough to read a few more pages of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society before bed (though ironically, given that I'm also nearing the end of Pet Sematary, I ended up having a nightmare the other night, not about resurrected cats and dead children, but about being bombed in a big house and trying to move all my favourite things away from the destroyed end.  Ta very much, Guernsey...). 


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