Saturday, 17 July 2010

Disclaimer:  My late-night ramblings tend to be rather, well, rambly.  My apologies if this makes no sense whatsoever!

I'm all mixed up with my books right now. A load have gone out, a load more have come in. As this week's confessional will show. And I'm reading FOUR BOOKS at once because I have a pathological inability to just read one right now. So I've got The World According to Clarkson still on the go in odd moments and The Lion Children roaring along (hehe, bad pun there, do excuse me).

Then I started another chick lit fluffathon last night, Alison Penton Harper's Housewife Up (definitely better than Housewife Down, which is good), when my head was pounding - one of those headaches where you want to vomit and the thought of doing anything is hideous, but at the same time you need distraction so you don't sit gently nodding along to the rhythm of blood pulsing through your own temples. You know what I mean? Fortunately, after a painful evening, I got to sleep at about half one this morning, and zapped the last achy buzz this morning with one last dose of painkillers.

And today I took James's Practical Falconry to work, since he gave me a free copy in good faith, and I'm supposed to be reviewing it as a favour. I refuse to review it before I've perused it thoroughly! I skim-read some of it before our falconry morning but now I've started from the beginning for a proper read and I'm finding it pretty fascinating. I'm also realising just what an enormous undertaking he must have up at Honeybank, given how much constant monitoring goes into keeping ONE bird fighting fit - and he's got over 70! Plus dogs, sheep, lizards, mice, spiders, chinchillas, frogs... everything you could think of! Well, I'll get stuck in for another good run at it tomorrow and hopefully I'll have it reviewed by, say, the middle of the week.

Working with my sis again tomorrow - though I'll be having words with her in the morning: she's been texting telling me off for playing loud music in the flat and telling me to turn it down (I live in a granny-flat annexe thing, part of the family house, a section of the ground floor, but a whole separate little abode), when in fact if she'd listened carefully she might have noticed that it's coming from a house somewhere down below us, complete with loud party chatter. Definitely not me then... just chocolate milk and pyjamas going on up here, with the fifth Star Trek movie on in the background while I'm mucking about online!

Well, night night.  I've got my Sunday Confessional (*cue angelic choral music*) all ready to post, so I'll be back tomorrow!  Night night, sleep tight, all!  I'll leave you with one of my favouritest LOLCats (hopefully I'll make it to bed first!)...

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